Quality Assurance

The MAE Department considers quality assurance the first and foremost task in academic planning. Quality and Efficiency are key elements in the design of our academic programs and curriculum planning.

We offer our stakeholders:

Quality Assurance Framework

The Undergraduate (UG) Committee, chaired by the UG Coordinator, is responsible for all undergraduate study related matters. Several Academic Related Committees are formed to assess the quality assurance process:

Internal Review

Learning Quality Committee meets thrice a year to review and evaluate Fall/Spring assessment data with a view to reviewing program quality every year.

External Review/feedback

There are t different channels for the Department’s stakeholders to express their views and suggestions on the quality of teaching, courses and program.

Accreditation from HKIE and Hong Kong Marine DepartmentThe BEng (MECH) has obtained full accreditation from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and the Hong Kong Marine Department over the years. The newly launched BEng (AE)  also obtained provisional accreditation from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in 2016, reflecting the high quality of our program in meeting the needs of the industry. 

Student-faculty meeting
The Department holds a student-faculty meeting at least once a semester. Thanks to the student’s feedback, the curriculum has been streamlined over the years.

Feedback from Student Association and Alumni
Making use of all the gathering opportunities with the Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA) as well as the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA), the Department is able to effectively collect comments and suggestions from current students and the Alumni as well.

Industrial Advisory Committee meeting
The Industrial Advisory Committee gives the Department critical feedback/comments on curriculum development. Furthermore, it strongly supports the mentorship and Co-Op programs.

Academic Advisory Committee meeting

The Academic Advisory Committee is formed by professors from prestigious overseas universities. A meeting is held every two year at the HKUST campus to give the Department suggestions on teaching and program development.

International student meeting
The Department holds ad hoc meetings with international students for suggestions and comments.

Program Curriculum

The BEng (MECH) program is structured to provide a balanced curriculum for students. Students who graduate from the BEng (MECH) program are able to fully embrace the rapid technological and economic developments taking place worldwide, and become articulate professional engineers with an international outlook.

Correlation of BEng (MECH) Program Objectives to the Desired Attributes of HKUST Graduates (ABC LIVE):
Programme Objectives
Desired attributes of HKUST graduates


P-01 Be able to communicate and perform as an effective engineering professional in both individual and team-based project environments
P-02 Have an international outlook with clear perspectives on the Pearl River Delta and Greater China
P-03 Be able to research, design, develop, test, evaluate, implement engineering solutions to problems that are a complexity encountered in professional practice and leadership
P-04 Clearly consider the ethical implications and societal impacts of engineering solutions

Continuously improve through lifelong learning


:  Academic Excellence
:  Broad-based Education
:  Competencies and Capacity Building
:  Leadership and Teamwork
:  International Outlook
:  Vision and an Orientation to the Future
:  Ethical Standards and Compassion


Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Students are encouraged to seek academic support and advice from Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT) and Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I).