Final Year Design Project

Final Year Design Project (FYDP) is a one-year (two semesters) project course for all undergraduate students studying BEng(MECH) or BEng(AE) Program at HKUST.  It must be taken in the 4th year with the course code MECH 4900 for ME major and MECH 4980 for AE major. Note that MAE department does not host any international exchange students to conduct their final year project here. FYDP course offers the practice of science and engineering design, accomplished by a team of 3~5 undergraduates.   

Each team is required to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to identify and formulate problems, to develop existing technologies and to design systems and/or prototypes in ME/AE relevant areas. Students need to conduct a literature survey, to carry out analysis, to design and to set up experiments, to measure, process, and interpret data. Team members should be assigned specific tasks related to the project objectives. Each of them takes certain responsibilities of leadership in his/her own subjects. Importantly, members should learn to conduct a team work, to communicate properly and effectively, and to identify the impact of their findings toward a broader horizon such as economics, business, politics, environment, health and safety, sustainability, and societal context. The course assessment is based on written report and oral presentations. The details of assessments will be discussed in the kick-off session at the beginning of Fall semester when the FYPD is about to start. 

Each of the FYDP projects is supervised by a MAE faculty. The topics are related to engineering design problems in the field of materials science, mechanics, energy science, thermal fluids, aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Some FYDP projects will be supported by local industrial companies such as MTR, CLP, Towngas, HAECO etc. The purpose of industry-initiated projects is to enhance the direct connections of students to the industries, making faculty/students’ design more viable to the industries. It will provide real projects to our students with a focus on hands-on and teamwork experience. These projects are good opportunities for our UG students to be connected to the persons in the companies that they may want to work with in future.  

Final Year Design Projects for 2022-23 

Prof. Sherry Chen
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email: xianchen@ust.hk