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Master of Science in Intelligent Building Technology and Management

Program Objectives

Ever since the first appearance of the term ‘Intelligent Buildings’ in the US in the early 1980s, this has grown into a major area of study for design and management professionals involved in major modern urban building projects. The start of the twenty-first century is witnessing rapid developments in intelligent building design technology and management. Building services engineers have to deal with complex multi-disciplinary building projects that involve the provision of effective and efficient solutions to an ever-evolving urban built environment. The provision of a quality and up-to-the minute postgraduate level program such as this MSc program helps to enhance the knowledge and competencies of professionals who are engaged in intelligent building projects in modern metropolises such as Hong Kong and major cities in Mainland China. The program aims to contribute towards the sustainability of today’s urban built environment.

The MSc program in Intelligent Building Technology and Management is a postgraduate degree program designed for professionals in the building services industry. They can be mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, building services engineers, civil engineers, architects or other building operation professionals who wish to pursue comprehensive studies in intelligent building design, operation and facilities management. Our program consists of core courses that equip students with the basic themes and foundation in intelligent building technology and management concepts, and a variety of electives that cover topics from health and safety issues, risk management, and energy management, to impact analysis and the use of advanced building materials, indoor air quality, facility management, etc. The program aims to provide a balance between both frontier technology updates and management strategies, in both a quantitative and qualitative way.

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