MAE Careers

In Hong Kong, mechanical and aerospace engineers are in strong demand with a wide range of sectors, including utilities, transportation, infrastructure, the built-environment, environmental planning and treatment, precision design and manufacturing, and automation. Mechanical and aerospace engineers not only participate in the technological side of an operation but also take up strategic planning, management, investment and leadership positions within organizations. The career of the mechanical and aerospace engineer is global. While starting initial training and exposure in Hong Kong, MAE graduates can then be engaged in projects locally, regionally, and beyond. Typically, young engineers will move into project management within five years and then into senior management within ten years. They could be managing significant international projects, or be engaged in strategic management, or even be successful entrepreneurs.

In light of Hong Kong being the Asian aviation hub and with the rapid expansion of the aerospace industry in the Asia-Pacific region, aerospace engineers have tremendous opportunities not only in Hong Kong, but also in Mainland China and the Asia Pacific Region. Hong Kong, as the major hub for air transportation, has four major airlines and a strong presence of many related companies, such as HAECO, HAESL, CASL, Boeing and Rolls Royce. All of these businesses have a strong demand for graduate engineers. In line with this, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers has worked with the industry to set up a recognized training scheme for aircraft engineers, which facilitate the engineering graduates to well-equip themselves for life-long career development.