University of Oslo/SINTEF Norway Researchers Visit HKUST for Seeking Potential Collaboration

University of Oslo/SINTEF Norway researchers, Prof. Ole Martin Lovvik, Prof. Anette Gunnas, Prof. Patricia Carvalho, and PhD candidate Aleksander Larsen, visited the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at HKUST on September 18-19, 2023.  During their visit, they explored common interests with the MAE faculties and toured various labs, including the Energy Institute, Materials, Design and Manufacturing Facility, and High-resolution Electron Microscopy Lab.  

On September 19, a group discussion was held, where Prof. Lovvik briefed his research team at Univ. of Oslo, and the sustainable energy technology department at SINTEF.  

Prof. Sherry Chen overviewed the research architect of the university and department, and introduced various international collaborative initiatives.  

During the group discussion, MAE faculties actively participated and shared their research works, contributing to a warm and fruitful discussion with the visiting researchers from University of Oslo/SINTEF Norway. 

Additionally, Prof. Carvalho presented a seminar on analytical TEM study on microstructure. Many postgraduates attended the lecture, and there were good interactions between the students and Prof. Carvalho. The seminar covered a range of topics related to analytical TEM study on microstructure, including the latest advancements in the field and how it can be applied to various research areas. The attendees were inspired to learn more about this exciting field of research.